zvi LikesTV (zvi_likes_tv) wrote in wrimoshare,
zvi LikesTV

things going only moderately well

Having notes in an lj and using a diary-x to store the updates is taking a long time itself, time that I'm not writing the novel. :(

Also, I'm writing fanfiction, and the characters are giving me trouble. I've never written in this fandom (Angel the Series) before, and I can tell I'm getting some of the voices wrong. Angel sounds too...his sentences are too complicated. Lots of clauses. He sounds too much like me. Cordelia sounds bizarrely like Buffy. And *NSYNC ... I don't know who *NSYNC sounds like, but it's not the members of *NSYNC, really.

However, writing 2000 words/day does seem possible. I was hoping to be able to write a lot on the buses. It seems like I'm only getting about a quarter of the daily quota on public transport, but that's better than nothing, right?

Current word count is just under 4800.
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