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Building realistic characters

(Hi all! I found this place doing a search for "nanowrimo" as an interest. Nice to meet everyone. I'm 25, and the last time I wrote a novel I was 9 and handwriting it; I assume it'll be easier this time around. In the interim I've written a handful of short stories and a lot of songs. I've also worked as a newspaper and fiction editor, among numerous non-writing-related jobs. My personal NaNo goal is 2000 words a day, and since I often exceed that in my regular journal, rosefox, I figure that won't be a problem; it's going to be much harder to step on my tendency to edit as I go. To learn more about me, check out that journal or keep an eye on this one.)

A friend pointed me to dailysoulsearch, where a question is posted every day to help you to think and learn about yourself. I started using it to help me develop realistic and well-rounded characters for my novel, and it's fantastic! Just thought I'd share that resource as a way of saying "hi". I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to share.
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